Comilla Board All Govt College List: Cumilla Board

Are you looking for all government colleges in Comilla? Here is the full list of govt colleges in Comilla.

List of Government College in Comilla

Beside every government college of Cumilla, I have added EIIN Number, District, and Thana.

SNCollege NameEIINDistrictThana
1Brahmanbaria Govt. College103294BrahmanbariaBrahmanbaria Sadar
2Brahmanbaria Govt. Mohila College103291BrahmanbariaBrahmanbaria Sadar
3Nabinagar Govt. College103438BrahmanbariaNabinagar
4Chandpur Govt. College103568ChandpurChandpur Sadar
5Chandpur Govt. Girls’ College103570ChandpurChandpur Sadar
6Haimchar Govt. College103701ChandpurHaim Char
7Haziganj Model Govt. College103758ChandpurHajiganj
8Barura Shahid Smrity Govt. College105190CumillaBarura
9Kalikapur Abdul Matin Khasru Govt. College131985CumillaBurichang
10Chiora Govt. College105512CumillaChauddagram
11Chowddagram Govt. College105513CumillaChauddagram
12Comilla Govt. City College133227CumillaCumilla Sadar
13Comilla Govt. College105824CumillaCumilla Sadar
14Comilla Govt. Women’s College105821CumillaCumilla Sadar
15Comilla Victoria Govt. College105822CumillaCumilla Sadar
16Hasanpur S. N. Govt. College105580CumillaDaudkandi
17Munshi Fazlur Rahman Govt. College105579CumillaDaudkandi
18Debidwar Govt. S. A. College105666CumillaDebidwar
19Nawab Fayzunnesa Govt. College105955CumillaLaksam
20Monohargonj Govt. H/ S And College105965CumillaMonohargonj
21Chhagalnaiya Govt. College106499FeniChhagalnaiya
22Feni Govt. College106642FeniFeni Sadar
23Govt. Zia Mohila College106643FeniFeni Sadar
24Mohipal Govt. College134589FeniFeni Sadar
25Fulgazi Govt. College106671FeniFulgazi
26Parsuram Govt. Degree College106702FeniParshuram
27Sonagazi Govt. College106748FeniSonagazi
28Laxmipur Govt. College106998LakshmipurLakshmipur Sadar
29Laxmipur Govt. Girls’ College106997LakshmipurLakshmipur Sadar
30Ramganj Govt. College107108LakshmipurRamganj
31A. S. M. Abdur Rob Govt. College107176LakshmipurRamgati
32Raipur Govt. College107047LakshmipurRoypur
33Choumuhani Govt. S. A. College107253NoakhaliBegumganj
34Chatkhil Panchgaon Mahbub Govt. College107308NoakhaliChatkhil
35Govt. Mujib College107359NoakhaliCompaniganj
36Hatia Dwip Govt. College107464NoakhaliHatiya
37Kabirhat Govt. College107655NoakhaliKabirhat
38Noakhali Govt. College107659NoakhaliNoakhali Sadar
39Noakhali Govt. Girls’ College107658NoakhaliNoakhali Sadar
40Senbagh Govt. College107516NoakhaliSenbagh

I hope this article helps you to get the govt. college list of Cumilla/Comilla Education Board with EIIN number

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