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Are you looking for all government colleges in Jessore/ Jashore? Here is the full list of govt colleges in Jessore.

List of Government College in Jessore

Beside every government college, I have added EIIN Number, District, and Thana.

SNCollege NameEIINDistrictThana
1Govt. Girls’ College Bagerhat114831BagerhatBagerhat Sadar
2Govt. P. C. College114830BagerhatBagerhat Sadar
3Govt. Bangabandhu Mohila College115023BagerhatChitalmari
4Mongla Govt. College115021BagerhatMongla
5Govt. Siraj Uddin Memorial College115153BagerhatMorrelganj
6Saronkhola Govt. College115263BagerhatSarankhola
7Alamdanga Govt. College115330ChuadangaAlamdanga
8Chuadanga Govt. College115383ChuadangaChuadanga Sadar
9Govt. Adarsha Mohila College115384ChuadangaChuadanga Sadar
10Darshana Govt. College115428ChuadangaDamurhuda
11Jibannagar Govt. Adarsha Mohila College115462ChuadangaJiban Nagar
12Govt. City College116108JashoreJashore Sadar
13Govt. M. M. College116101JashoreJashore Sadar
14Govt. Mohila College116107JashoreJashore Sadar
15Jashore Govt. College134616JashoreJashore Sadar
16Govt. Shaheed Mashiur Rahman College115804JashoreJhikargachha
17Keshabpur Govt. Pilot Higher Secondary School115951JashoreKeshabpur
18Govt. Bir Shrestha Noor Mohammad College116385JashoreSharsha
19Govt. Lalon Shah College116444JhenaidahHarinakunda
20Govt. K. C. College116552JhenaidahJhenaidah Sadar
21Govt. Nurunnehar Mahila College116550JhenaidahJhenaidah Sadar
22Govt. K. M. H. College116676JhenaidahKotchandpur
23Govt. Birshrestha Shahid Hamidur Rahman College116749JhenaidahMaheshpur
24Maheshpur Govt. Degree College116752JhenaidahMaheshpur
25Sailkupa Govt. Degree College116825JhenaidahShailkupa
26Gariardanga Adarsha College116871KhulnaBatiaghata
27Govt. L.B.K. Mahila College116925KhulnaDacope
28Govt. M. A. Majid College117079KhulnaDighalia
29Azam Khan Govt. Commerce College117165KhulnaKhulna Sadar
30Govt. Brajalal College116954KhulnaKhulna Sadar
31Govt. Girls’ College Khulna117107KhulnaKhulna Sadar
32Govt. Hazi Mohammad Muhsin College117109KhulnaKhulna Sadar
33Govt. Joy Bangla College133155KhulnaKhulna Sadar
34Govt. M. M. City College117170KhulnaKhulna Sadar
35Govt. Pioneer Girls’ College117166KhulnaKhulna Sadar
36Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College117167KhulnaKhulna Sadar
37Khulna Govt. Model School And College132117KhulnaKhulna Sadar
38Koyra Government Mohila College117239KhulnaKoyra
39Govt. Fultala Mahila College117356KhulnaPhultala
40Bangabandhu Govt. College117393KhulnaRupsa
41Govt. Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Mohila College117613KushtiaDaulatpur
42Govt. Kumarkhali College117729KushtiaKumarkhali
43Kushtia Govt. Girls College117810KushtiaKushtia Sadar
44Kushtia Govt. Central College133478KushtiaKushtia Sadar
45Kushtia Govt. College117808KushtiaKushtia Sadar
46Amla Govt. College117897KushtiaMirpur
47Govt. H. S. S. College118003MaguraMagura Sadar
48Magura Govt. Mahila College118004MaguraMagura Sadar
49Meherpur Govt. College118342MeherpurMeherpur Sadar
50Meherpur Govt. Mahila College118343MeherpurMeherpur Sadar
51Mujibnagar Govt. Degree College118283MeherpurMujib Nagar
52Lohagara Govt. Adarsha College118437NarailLohagara
53Govt. Victoria College118527NarailNarail Sadar
54Narail Govt. Mohila College118525NarailNarail Sadar
55Kalaroa Govt. College118730SatkhiraKalaroa
56Satkhira Govt. College118906SatkhiraSatkhira Sadar
57Satkhira Govt. Mohila College118910SatkhiraSatkhira Sadar
58Shyamnagar Govt. Mohsin Degree College118992SatkhiraShyamnagar
59Tala Govt. College119103SatkhiraTala

I hope this article helped you to get the govt. college list of Jashore/ Jessore Education Board.

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