List of Government College in Chittagong district: Govt College

Are you looking for all government colleges in Chittagong? Here is the full list of govt colleges in Chattogram.

List of Government College in Chittagong

Beside every government college, I have added EIIN Number, District, and Thana.

SNCollege NameEIINThanaGender
1Chittagong College104532Chawk BazarCo-Education
2Bandarban Govt. College103107Bandarban SadarCo-Education
Bandarban Govt. Mohila College131933Bandarban SadarFemale
3Bakalia Govt. College134595Bakalia/BakoliaCo-Education
4Sir A. T. Govt. College104152BoalkhaliCo-Education
5Gachhbaria Govt. College104200ChandanaishCo-Education
6Govt. Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College104527Chawk BazarCo-Education
7Chittagong Govt. Girls College104710KhulshiFemale
8Patia Govt. College104778Patiya/PatiaCo-Education
9Chittagong Govt. City College104301SadarghatCo-Education
10Govt. Commerce College104302 SadarghatCo-Education
11Govt. Hazi A. B. College104980SandwipCo-Education
12Satkania Govt. College105061SatkaniaCo-Education
13Cox’S Bazar Govt. College106317Cox’s Bazar SadarCo-Education
14Coxs Bazar Govt. Mahila College106316Cox’s Bazar SadarFemale
15Khagrachari Govt. College106789Khagrachhari SadarCo-Education
16Khagrachari Govt. Mohila College106788Khagrachhari SadarFemale
17Ramgarh Govt. Degree College106857RamgarhCo-Education
18Rangamati Govt. Mohila College107819Rangamati SadarFemale
19Rangamati Govt. College107818Rangamati SadarCo-Education

I hope this article helps you to get the govt. college list of Chittagong (Chattogram) Education Board.

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