My Daily Life Essay Composition for PSC JSC SSC HSC

Essay on My Daily Life

My Daily Life Essay/Composition: A daily life means a record or an account of spending every moment of life. A man should have a definite routine for his daily work. I am a student. I have a daily routine to do my duties timely regularly. I always go by it. On holidays, it goes under some changes. I get up early in the morning. After performing ablution, I say the Fazar Prayer and then read the holy Quran.

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Then I go out for a walk and come back by 6 o’clock After taking some rest I have my breakfast I go 0 reading my books for about two hours. I don’t ow anybody to disturb me during these two ours. I take my bath at 9.30 am. I start for my school at about 10.00 am and reach before the class begins. My school begins at 10.30 am. During the Tiffin period, I say my Zohar Prayer and have some light refreshments. It breaks up at 4.00 pm.

I come back home straight. Leaving my books aside, I refresh myself and take some light food. Then I say my Asar Prayer. In the afternoon, I play indoor games with my Sister. Sometimes I play cricket with my friends in the playground of our locality. But. before the examination, I do not take part in games in the afternoon. l pass the time in preparation for the exam. After sunset, I say my Magrib Prayer. I go to my reading room and read till 8.30 Pm. Then I take my Esha Prayer and take my supper. Then I read it again for an hour. After that, I watch the news on TV at 10 o‘clock. At 10.30 I go to bed.

My daily life is a systematic one I have made a proper division of time and do my duties accordingly. I believe it will help me to reach my goal. I think everyone should maintain a daily routine to make daily life a meaningful one.(331woreds) m

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