Mymensingh Board All Govt College List

Are you looking for all government colleges in Mymensingh? Here is the full list of govt colleges in Mymensingh.

List of Government College in Mymensingh

Beside every government college, I have added EIIN Number, District and Thana.

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SNCollege NameEIINDistrictThana
1Govt. Bakshiganj Kiamat Ullah College109725JamalpurBakshiganj
2Govt. Ashek Mahmud College109996JamalpurJamalpur Sadar
3Govt. Zaheda Safir Mohila College109994JamalpurJamalpur Sadar
4Govt. Madarganj A. H. Z. College110076JamalpurMadarganj
5Melandah Govt. College110150JamalpurMelandaha
6Sarishabari Govt. Pilot Uchcha Madhyamik Balika Bidyalaya (School & College)110222JamalpurSarishabari
7Begum Fajilatunnesa Mujib Govt. Mohila College130820MymensinghFulbaria
8Govt. Gafargaon College111663MymensinghGaffargaon
9Govt. Gouripur College111722MymensinghGauripur
10Govt. Shahid Smriti College111999MymensinghMuktagachha
11Govt. Ananda Mohon College111911MymensinghMymensingh Sadar
12Govt. Muminunessa Mohila College111915MymensinghMymensingh Sadar
13Mymensingh Govt. College133777MymensinghMymensingh Sadar
14Susang Govt. Mahabidyalaya112975NetrokonaDurgapur
15Mohonganj Govt. College113129NetrokonaMohanganj
16Govt. Netrokona College113194NetrokonaNetrokona Sadar
17Govt. Netrokona Mohila College113192NetrokonaNetrokona Sadar
18Govt. Adarsha College113718SherpurJhenaigati
19Govt. Hazi Jal Mamud College113770SherpurNakla
20Govt. Sherpur Mohila College113914SherpurSherpur Sadar
21Sherpur Govt. College113915SherpurSherpur Sadar
22Sreebardi Govt. College113973SherpurSreebardi

I hope this article helps you to get the govt. college list of Mymensingh Education Board.

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