Rajshahi Board All Govt College List

Are you looking for all government colleges in Rajshahi? Here is the full list of govt colleges in Rajshahi.

List of Government College in Rajshahi

Beside every government college, I have added EIIN Number, District, and Thana.

SNCollege NameEIINDistrictThana
1Santahar Govt. College119157BoguraAdamdighi
2Bogura Government College132124BoguraBogura Sadar
3Govt. A. H. College Bogra119246BoguraBogura Sadar
4Govt. M. R. Women’s College Bogura119250BoguraBogura Sadar
5Govt. Shah Sultan College Bogra119248BoguraBogura Sadar
6Govt. Shah-E-Tebaria College119473BoguraDhupchanchia
7Gabtali Govt. College119546BoguraGabtali
8Kahaloo Govt. College119612BoguraKahaloo
9Nandigram Govt. Women’s Degree College119664BoguraNandigram
10Sherpur Government College119808BoguraSherpur
11Govt. Sonatola Model School And College119915BoguraSonatola
12Nazir Akhter Govt. College119950BoguraSonatola
13Joypur Hat Govt. College121897JoypurhatJoypurhat Sadar
14Joypur Hat Govt. Women’s College121895JoypurhatJoypurhat Sadar
15Kalai Govt. Women’S College121944JoypurhatKalai
16Govt. Sayeed Altafun Nessa College121980JoypurhatKhetlal
17Khetlal Govt. Pilot Model High School And College121946JoypurhatKhetlal
18Mohipur Govt. Hazi Muhsin College122068JoypurhatPanchbibi
19Bangabandhu Govt. College123138NaogaonBadalgachhi
20Dhamoirhat Govt. M.M. Degree College123195NaogaonDhamoirhat
21Jahangirpur Govt. College123407NaogaonMahadebpur
22Jahangirpur Govt. Girls’ School & College123410NaogaonMahadebpur
23Govt. B.M.C Women’s College123487NaogaonNaogaon Sadar
24Naogaon Govt. College123488NaogaonNaogaon Sadar
25Niamatpur Govt. College123564NaogaonNiamatpur
26Nazipur Govt. College123645NaogaonPatnitala
27Sher-E-Bangla Govt. College123741NaogaonRaninagar
28Sapahar Govt. College123825NaogaonSapahar
29Bagatipara Govt. College123888NatoreBagati Para
30Banga Bandhu Science And Information Technology Bm Institute135166NatoreGurudaspur
31Abdulpur Govt. College124115NatoreLalpur
32Shahid Nazmul Haque Govt. College124239NatoreNaldanga
33N. S. Govt. College124235NatoreNatore Sadar
34Rani Bhawani Govt. Women’s College124237NatoreNatore Sadar
35Gol-E-Afroz Govt. College124312NatoreSingra
36Bhola Hat Govt. Women’s College124348Chapai NawabganjBholahat
37Nachole Govt. College124485Chapai NawabganjNachole
38Nawabganj Govt. College124593Chapai NawabganjNawabganj Sadar
39Nawabganj Govt. Women’s College124594Chapai NawabganjNawabganj Sadar
40Adina Govt. Fazlul Haque College124743Chapai NawabganjShibganj
41Bera Govt. College125329PabnaBera
42Govt. Bhangoora Union High School And College125334PabnaBhangura
43Ishurdi Govt. College125552PabnaIshwardi
44Govt. Edward College Pabna125663PabnaPabna Sadar
45Pabna Govt. College133812PabnaPabna Sadar
46Pabna Govt. Women’s College125665PabnaPabna Sadar
47Shahid Bulbul Govt. College125664PabnaPabna Sadar
48Govt. Dr. Zahurul Kamal Degree College125790PabnaSujanagar
49New Govt. Degree College127038RajshahiBoalia
50Rajshahi Govt. City College126489RajshahiBoalia
51Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College126487RajshahiBoalia
52Rajshahi Shikka Board Govt. Model School And College134670RajshahiBoalia
53Shahid A.H.M. Kamaruzzaman Govt. Degree College126484RajshahiBoalia
54Sardah Govt. College126582RajshahiCharghat
55Daokandi Govt. College126660RajshahiDurgapur
56Godagari Government High School & College126767RajshahiGodagari
57Baneshwar Govt. College127013RajshahiPuthia
58Rajshahi Govt. Model School And College127043RajshahiRajpara
59Shahid Buddhijibi Government College133460RajshahiShah Makhdum
60Govt. Abdul Karim Sarkar College127146RajshahiTanore
61Govt. Bangobandhu Degree College128183SirajganjKazipur
62Kazipur Govt. Mansur Ali College128185SirajganjKazipur
63Shahzadpur Govt. College128355SirajganjShahjadpur
64Islamia Govt. College128464SirajganjSirajganj Sadar
65Rashidazzoha Govt. Women’s College128463SirajganjSirajganj Sadar
66Sirajganj Govt. College128461SirajganjSirajganj Sadar
67Akbar Ali Govt. College128676SirajganjUllah Para

I hope this article helps you to get the govt. college list of Rajshahi Education Board.

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